Book Two Subject Reveal


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I am so excited to be nearly done with my second book.

The subject: forgiveness.

I started to write about something else, but it just wasn’t working out. Then, my ever-wise husband said, “Why don’t you fast and pray over this and see what God says?”

So, I did.

And I knew it wasn’t time to write that other book yet, it was time to bask in forgiveness for a year, and write about it.

It has been a journey.

The book is fully written.

I have four chapters left to edit and revise.

On June 1st and 2nd I will have an opportunity to meet with people in the publishing industry regarding this book. Prayers are appreciated!

It is a busy season, as I am coming up on the completion of my book, my youngest child is graduating high school and we are planning a move all in the same season!

Our God is good!


In His love,