A Birthday Blessing

Image courtesy of olovedog/freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of olovedog/freedigitalphotos.net

Sunday was my birthday.

My husband was going to take me out to dinner at a nice restaurant. We had gone shopping earlier in the afternoon and we were on our way to go eat.

All of the sudden I had a craving for Clam Strips and fries. I don’t really even eat a lot of fried food anymore, so I tried to dismiss it.

My mouth started watering. The thought of Clam strips and fries wouldn’t leave me. I had to have them.

I pulled up the menu of the restaurant we had planned to go to on my phone. Nothing looked appetizing. All I wanted was Clam Strips and fries.

I told my husband I didn’t really want to go to the restaurant, I just wanted to stop by and get the clam strips. So we did.

While we were waiting for our food, in walks one of my daughter’s old friends from church with her Mom and Grandma. This girl calls me Mom. We’ve taken her out for coffee and Pie on occasion, she’s ridden with us to retreats. We’ve prayed with her and taught a class she took.

We consider her a second daughter.

With all that’s happened with my own daughter at this time… it was a special blessing to be able to see another daughter, and have her give me a hug and tell me happy birthday.

Thank you Jesus, for that special Birthday Blessing.

8 thoughts on “A Birthday Blessing

    • Thanks Mary, spent most of today in his word, he is calling me to trust him more. That he will take care of all of these things, and I just need to praise and trust him and thank him for his work before he has done it.



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