Walk It Out

“Application, Application, Application!”

Those were the first words of the teacher on the first day of our college class on 1 John.

And that was what we learned about; putting it into practice.

It is good to know the scriptures, but even better to live them.

Some things I have learned since then:

We don’t have to get it all at once. We are all in process. Take a bite of the word (read it slowly) chew on it (think about it) and put it into practice.

It’s ok to be like the tortoise and not the hare. Is it better to race through to say we’ve read the Bible, or to read it slowly and begin to live it out?

Living your life according to the word is not only a blessing to you, but to those around you.

Be blessed, read your Bible slowly and prayerfully, taking it in and thinking about it. Apply it to your own life before you look at others. May the Lord Bless you and keep you as you walk out the word in daily life.

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