Worshiping the Hurt Away

I had never felt so hurt in my life.

The wound was deep, because it had come from another Christian. All I could bring to God that day were my tears.

As I cried, I felt a gentle nudge to read Isaiah 54.  Opening my Bible to that passage, the first word I saw was sing.

Sing? I thought, but all I want to do is cry.

But I did sing, and I kept singing.  I made worship a daily affair. I found that it lifted me out of depression, anger and hurt; it brought me closer to the presence of God.

When we focus on our wounds, it brings our minds low and our moods as well. But when we worship, it takes our focus off of ourselves and puts it onto our loving God, who is able to help us in all things. The whispers of the enemy are silenced in our worship time.

Take some time to grow closer to the Lord today by worshipping him in song.

6 thoughts on “Worshiping the Hurt Away

  1. sharpword

    Amen, sing to the Lord a new song, its a sweet gift from Him, to us, to Him and to us again. like the song that never ends.
    🙂 I am a bow hunter I see the three fingers below knock shooting style I sometimes used that when I had a long bow too 🙂



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